The Truth About The No Contact Rule

The Truth About The No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is a method for getting your ex back. It is when you do not contact them for 30 days. It’s not for everyone and only effective in certain situations and on certain people. In order to use this rule properly you have to make sure you do it right. To know the correct way we have to look at your personal situation. So let us examine your personal situation…

If your breakup involved a lot of fighting, begging, pleading, fear, panic, or other strong emotions then the no contact rule is a good fit for you.

If you have kids or go to work or school with your ex then no contact use is not for you. Don’t worry there is another rule called the limited contact rule that you can also use. It is basically the same thing as the no contact rule but you have to know how to manage your duties in a professional and responsible way. If you slack on your duties it won’t help anyone.

There are many reasons why you want to try out the no contact rule or the limited contact rule. For one, it will allow you space and time to figure out the real problem that needs to be address. Also, it gives people time to cool off and become calm again. Without a level head it’s hard to make any kind of good decisions. With a cool attitude you will be more likely to do things that WILL work out.

If you decide to just sit on your butt and never do anything while you’re doing the no contact rule it is not going to work. The point of doing it is so you have time to get control of yourself but also to figure out why your relationship did not work. That means you should not be drinking or drugging. You should be focused on learning about your situation and what to do about it.

The other advantage is that it gives you more control over the situation and cuts out any nonsense your ex might be doing. If they have feelings for you they will be surprised that you all of a sudden cut contact with you and they will come looking to reestablish that contact. This allows you to gain respect both in your eyes and the eyes of your partner.

In conclusion, the no contact rule and limited contact rule is a good way to start on your path to rebuilding your relationship.

Fredrick De La Salle is a writer and relationship coach. You can visit his blog at How To Win Back Love where he writes articles on relationships such as Apologize To An Ex

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